What’s the best table at the Tavern?

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Determining the best table at the Tavern is a matter of opinion. The local ladies who lunch favor the Garden Room, a bright, plant-filled atrium at the back of the restaurant. But Five-Star The Broadmoor’s own first lady, Julie Penrose, regularly frequented a table just to the left of the entrance of the Tavern that gave her an unobstructed view of the dining rooms. Tables 61 and 62, meanwhile, are tiny two-tops facing the grill at the edge of the Mayan Room that are easy to overlook—meaning that their inhabitants enjoy a certain amount of privacy and seclusion.

Duane Thompson

Guests wishing to enjoy a quiet environment will love a table in the Mayan Room, or those looking to be close to the music would enjoy a table in the more energetic Tavern Room. The Garden Room is great for enjoying the feel of the outdoors without having to bear the elements. 

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