What are the best Crested Butte food experiences?

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Gina DeMillo Wagner

There’s no mistaking the best food experiences in the town of Crested Butte — just go where the locals are. From breakfast joints to organic takeout, there’s plenty to eat in this mountain town. Here are our Forbes Travel Guide editors’ favorite Crested Butte food experiences:
1. Camp 4 Coffee. Treat yourself to an espresso milkshake at one of the three locations of Camp 4 Coffee. The coffee is locally made — pair that with a milkshake and you have pure heaven. The downtown Crested Butte Camp 4 Coffee is set inside a funky old mining shack with old license plates covering the walls.  
2. Gas Café. It’s not every day that you can stop in for breakfast and lunch while you fill up your car. But the gas station at Butte Avenue and Highway 135 also boasts the Gas Café. With a menu featuring a variety of breakfast sandwiches, this unusual eatery is the perfect cure for the morning after a night out on the town.
3. The Last Steep Bar & Grill. Stop by this family-owned restaurant to have a taste of the Bloody Mary — it’s been voted the best in town for several years in a row.. The Last Steep is a true Crested Butte original, named after a favorite ski run on the mountain.
4. Why Cook?!. If you’re renting a condo, you’ll appreciate Why Cook?!, located in The Majestic Plaza at 6th and Belleview, right next to Le Bosquet. The complete, healthy meals are great for entertaining or even a quiet night at home. From fresh baked bread and pasta to salads and organic deli meat, this takeout shop is great.
5. The Wooden Nickel. You can’t visit Colorado without enjoying a tender steak. Make your way to Wooden Nickel for the best steaks in town, whether you prefer filet mignon or prime rib. The menu also features buffalo burgers, elk tenderloin and ribs. It’s Crested Butte’s oldest bar and certainly can’t be missed.

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