What are the best Crete food experiences?

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Marissa Tejada

Given its close proximity to the sea Crete has several top food experiences that involve fresh fish, and luckily for you Cretans are also serious about showing their visitors just how good their dishes really are. Here are five Forbes Travel Guide-recommended food experiences in Crete:
1. Raki. The locally distilled spirit known as raki (or tsikoudia) is usually housemade and found at nearly any Greek restaurant on the island. Known for aiding digestion, it’s traditionally consumed slowly with small appetizers – and with good company.
2. Honey. Crete's famous golden honey is mainly produced from flowers, thyme and pine trees. Try it with plain Greek yogurt.
3. Wine. Cretan wine goes all the way back to the Minoans, who produced it around 1600 BC. Today many Cretan families and restaurants offer housemade wine – and it’s a big business. Crete is home to dozens of fine wineries, many of which are starting to see more and more visits from traveling oenophiles.
4. Dakos. These dry rusks are a traditional Cretan food full of healthy flavor when moistened with olive oil and mixed with oregano, cheese and tomatoes.
5. Watch the Filo Master. You’ll be in awe at how deftly Yiorgos Hatziparaskos manipulates, stretches and throws filo dough by hand at his Old Quarter shop in Rethymno. After the show, step inside to pick up the best baklava and kataifi on the island.

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