What are the best things to see and do in Crete?

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Marissa Tejada

You’ll have plenty of things to see and do in Crete, the largest island of Greece. From exploring the island by car to sunbathing on the beach, here are five things our Forbes Travel Guide editors feel belong on your must-do list:
1. Palace of Knossos. This Minoan Palace will open your eyes to the fascinating rise and fall of the Minoan civilization. Tour the palace, then check out the Archaeological Museum in Heraklion.
2. Samaria Gorge. This Greek national park is Europe's longest gorge and arguably its most splendid. Hike through it to check out a diverse variety of birds and flowers.
3. The beaches. Relax at the beaches and ruins of Falasarna near Kissamos, where there are no hotels or bars in sight. To the south, the inviting coves of Plakias, Frangokastello and Magkrigialos beaches are also worth a look and swim.
4. Elafonissi Beach. The main things you’ll find here are coral-pink sand, the sun and sea, but if you get hungry there are a few simple tavernas nearby.
5. Spinalonga Island. Spinalonga is a former leper colony that’s now uninhabited. A visit here provides an interesting look into Crete’s history as you explore the fortress, the spooky streets and crumbling remains of old buildings.

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