Where is the best shopping in Crete?

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Marissa Tejada

The best shopping experiences in Crete are found in the island’s lively markets, where you’ll find rows of vendors selling fresh fruit, herbs, cheeses, honey nuts, raki and all kinds of other Greek specialties. Beyond local foods you can also pick up arts and crafts, cheap clothing and shoes at the markets – and if you enjoy bargaining, these are the places to do it since Greek sellers expect a little price haggling.
Our Forbes Travel Guide editors have two favorite markets. The first is the central market on 1866 Street in Heraklion. It runs from the Meidani to Kornarou Square, and the street name refers to the three-year Cretan Revolt against the Turks that began in 1866. Another recommended market is Agora Market, where you’ll find 80 stalls spread out in a cross-shaped indoor structure on Sofoklis Venizelos in Chania.

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