What are the five best places to eat in Cuzco?

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More tourists visiting Cuzco and nearby Machu Picchu means more dining options, so you're as likely to spot a pizza joint here as you are to stumble upon a Peruvian restaurant serving up traditional dishes. Here is Forbes Travel Guide’s editors’ list of the five best places to eat in Cuzco.
1. Pachapapa. This laid-back restaurant specializes in local cuisine, including plenty of stews you won't get the chance to try outside of the region (get adventurous and go for the alpaca stew). The expansive private courtyard is also a nice change of pace from overtly tourist-oriented spots that seat their customers in the middle of the city-street action.
2. Macondo. This hip café is tucked into an art gallery, giving diners the chance to check out local works while enjoying their creatively-titled new Peruvian dishes. Most dishes lean toward the upscale, such as the alpaca mignon with a white wine sauce.
3. La Bondiet. An inexpensive alternative to going Peruvian, this European-style bistro offers sandwiches, pastries and cakes along with some strong and flavorful local coffee options. The casual cafe plus it’s a welcome respite from the hubbub of the Plaza de Armas. 
4. Incanto. This sleek fusion restaurant does Mediterranean-Andean cuisine successfully, and to great fanfare. The old-meets-new decor combines both a contemporary open kitchen and an original Inca-made wall on-site. For those traveling with children there are some kid-friendly options, including thin-crust pizza.
5. Quinta Eulalia. There are plenty of quintas in Cuzco, but this happens to be the oldest. Established in 1941, it's been slinging Peru's version of soul food for over 70 years, making this quaint restaurant a go-to spot for chicharrones (fried pork) and—if you're feeling adventurous—cuy chactado (made with guinea pig, a local specialty).

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