What attractions does Cuzco offer for foodies?

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Everyone knows that Cuzco is a center for adventure travel, but few know that the Peruvian city and gateway to Machu Picchu has much to offer foodies. There are plenty of dishes that can only be enjoyed in this particular region, plus unexpected surprises that will make a gourmet's day (like the plentiful array of chocolates that are available here and only here). Aside from the chance to sample local specialties like guinea pig and alpaca, there is a rich and aromatic world of cacao worth exploring.
Because Cuzco produces more cacao than any other part of Peru, those who are interested in seeing where their favorite treat begins can actually go to a tropical plantation (by setting up a tour through the information desk at ChocoMuseo) and see the fruit harvested firsthand. Those who don't want to traipse into the field can stick around the museum and find out how the fruit grows and is turned into the tasty elixir that wins over chocaholics the world over. Or simply pick up a bar of Sol del Cusco for making hot chocolate at home, or try a Sublime bar (the local equivalent of Cadbury, Sublime is a once-small company whose chocolate is now mass-produced). Poking around markets will also yield unique local varieties, including bars made from wild varieties.

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