What are the best bars in Dallas?

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I think the Rattlesnake Bar ranks up there on the top of Dallas. That’s part of Fearing’s restaurant; the Rattlesnake Bar is a rocking place. I think the Mansion Bar is still a great bar. If you want the best Tex-Mex, it’s at Eddie Cervantes’ bar. It’s called the E Bar; it’s on Haskell. It’s a fun little place. We’re talking a get-down-and-dirty bar.

Quia Querisma

The art of cocktailing has seen a strong emergence in Dallas in recent years. While you can get a Tito’s Cape Cod nearly anywhere, chances are if you order a Parliament Sour or a White Knuckle Paradise, then you’re at The People’s Last Stand.

A rising class of accomplished mixologists have made names for themselves and the establishments in which they pour. And while complicated concoctions that require egg whites, flamed orange rinds, and unfamiliar spirits to take more time than usual, they are always worth the wait. Like chefs in the kitchen, the barmen of The Standard Pour can ask what flavors you like and create a cocktail on the fly, as can their talented contemporaries.

Many of the best cocktail bars in town change their menus with the season, so get comfortable, get adventurous and visit Central 214, The Cedars Social, Bar Smyth, Boulevardier, Marquee Bar & Grill, The Dram and Sunset Lounge.

Dana Damato

Dallas nightlife isn’t something that can compare to a city like Miami, New York or Los Angeles. Even though the nightlife is there, you can find it on a much smaller scale and it's a little less “crazy.” But most Dallas bars are both laid-back and sophisticated.
Candleroom is one of those places on a small scale, but one of the most popular in Dallas; you can be sure to find some of Dallas' elite hanging out at the upscale lounge. If upscale isn’t so much your style, the Katy Trail Ice House is one of the best places to go to watch a game over a few beers. The Katy Trail Ice House offers indoor and outdoor seating and live entertainment. For a more upbeat and exciting place, the House of Blues is America’s best-known music venue and just so happens to be one of Dallas’ best nighttime hangouts. When you’re in town, make sure to check out their schedule for any events and/or concerts. 

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