What is Dallas’ dining scene like?

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Dana Damato

Put your ego aside when you’re dining out in Dallas. This town is known as one of the friendliest cities with some of the most welcoming locals — the dining scene is no different! When you’re out for a bite in Dallas, you can expect a fine mix of ages and social statuses, but you’ll never know who is wealthier than whom. Dallas has been built upon the reputation of being very laid back, conservative and humble. Therefore, when you go out, don’t feel the need to impress.
Dallas is a city mixed with families, college students, young professionals and much more. Don’t feel like you can dress like you’re at the beach, but you also don’t need to be in designer attire either. Enjoy the cool and casual ambiance of Dallas restaurants; you’ll feel right at home and the restaurant staff will most likely make sure you are well taken care of. 

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