What is nightlife like in Dallas?

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Dana Damato

Dallas, Texas, is known as a more laid-back city, but don’t let that fool you into thinking there aren’t any great nightlife spots. You just may find yourself having a honky-tonk great time. Dallas’ nightlife is spread into three different “party” areas, each with its own vibe: Greenville, Uptown and Main Street.
Greenville is mainly a young, dive-bar scene. There you will find a lot of college students that tend to get a bit rowdy from time to time. Main Street/Downtown is home to the most expensive clubs — you'll find a half-dozen high-end, "ultra-lounge" type clubs. Uptown: If you put Greenville and Main Street together, you would get Uptown. But know that everyone still really dresses up at the upscale-casual bars here.

Quia Querisma

Nightlife in Dallas is largely dependent on who’s throwing the party. Night clubs come and go quickly here, however Candleroom on Knox/Henderson has managed to stand the test of time. As of this writing, The Dram is a popular haunt as well. Locals know that it pays to check out F!D Luxe, D Magazine and Paper City -- the city’s social leaders -- to find out who’s throwing the next big bash. Events including celebrity-hosted fashion shows, Veuve Clicquot’s seasonal celebrations, and the Cattle Baron’s Ball are the highlights of nightlife beyond Dallas’ vast bar scene. Younger crowds frequent the ultra-lounges in Downtown while more sophisticated tastes head to Sambuca, Glass Cactus and Blue Martini. By and large, nightlife in Dallas revolves around late-night restaurants and bars featuring deejays and/or live music.

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