What is the best time to visit Dallas?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

My favorite time of year in Dallas is probably spring. I like the spring because it hasn’t gotten to that vicious summer, and it’s starting to warm up slightly. I like weather that’s between 50 and 70 degrees. We get that for a short time.

I love winter. When you go through a summer here, you’ll love winter. I’m a coat guy, so I love to wear coats. Cold and rainy: That’s the best because I’ve got a coat for that. I love winter, but there’s nothing that beats a crisp fall day in Texas. Wow, those are gorgeous. And a cool spring day with everything starting to bud out and all that. Those are great weather days.

Truly, I love the summer, too. I love that heat. You walk outside and you feel good. I power walk. I have a border collie. We hit my neighborhood. My neighborhood has these great up-and-down hills, real steep. Walker and I hit the streets. We hit a four-mile path, and in the summertime during that heat, you can’t feel any better when you’re done with that.

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