What is the weather like right now in Dallas?

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Dana Damato

If you’re going to Dallas this month — now is the best time to go because the weather is perfect. Dallas has been known to have peculiar weather, whether it’s too hot in the summer or snowing in the winter. If you’re planning a trip to Dallas right now in the middle of March, you’re in for a great treat.

Right now, Dallas is dry with a high in the low 80s and a low in the mid-60s. The weather is great to spend time outside at a sports game, running or walking around an outdoor shopping area. During this time of year, it doesn’t rain often in Dallas so visitors don’t have to worry about bringing a raincoat or umbrella when they are planning to spend the day outdoors. There are plenty of parks and recreational areas for families and friends to enjoy a sunny day outside.

Quia Querisma

Summer solstice has passed and we’re entering balmy territory in Dallas. On June 27, the temperature broke 103 degrees letting everyone within city limits know that the dog days of summer have arrived.

June through August in Dallas is brutally hot, and oftentimes humid. The expectation is that it would be cooler before sunrise, but temperatures can dance in the 80s even before dawn. The hottest part of the day is still 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. and the heat lingers long into the night. Though air quality is reported throughout the year by the North Central Texas Council of Governments, you’ll encounter more “ozone action days,” when people are encouraged to stay indoors, during the summer months.

But fret not, it’s been hot in Dallas for decades and the residents know how to keep their cool. Nearly everyplace you go in town has central air conditioning, and restaurants with outdoor seating offer misting fans to keep cool the patrons who brave the sun’s rays. A cute perk often found in pedestrian-friendly Uptown is the occasional bowl of water left near business entrances to refresh parched pets. There are also several water parks across the city including Bahama Beach and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. Still, the public’s favorite places to hide from the heat are usually shopping malls and movie theaters.

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