When is the best time to visit Delaware?

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Hayley Bosch

Though some seasons bring more activities than others, it’s hard to find a bad time to visit Delaware. It may be on the smaller side, but the First State has many facets. In the northern part of the state sit Newark, New Castle and Wilmington. Newark is home to the University of Delaware, which is great to visit any time of year — particularly during the spring lacrosse season. New Castle is a historic town, which is interesting to explore no matter the temperature. Wilmington, on the other hand, is Delaware’s largest town; so you can count on plenty of year-round activities there.

In central Delaware, you’ll find the capital city of Dover. Aside from being home to one of the biggest air cargo terminals in the world at Dover Air Force Base, the city also offers Dover Downs Hotel, Casino & International Speedway. It’s quite popular for gamblers from neighboring states all year long.

And in the southern part of the state lie the beach towns of Bethany, Rehoboth, Dewey, Lewes and Fenwick Island. Of course, the majority of travelers plan summer vacations to these destinations — and that is certainly the high season — but sometimes visiting in the fall, winter or spring is nice and relaxing, too.

Throughout the state, temperatures are mild, for the most part. Delaware has the typical Mid-Atlantic climate: Summer is hot and humid. Winter brings a bit of snow, but nothing too harsh. And spring and fall are rather comfortable. You get all four seasons in the First State.

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