What are the best food gifts to buy in Delhi?

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Shivya Nath

With historical influences from all over India and the world, Delhi’s culinary offerings are difficult to match, both in terms of variety and taste. While many of these food items are perishable, the ones that are not make for excellent souvenirs to take home from Delhi. Some of these include:

Traditional sweets

Traditional Indian sweets, in their varying levels of sweetness, shape, color and size, make for excellent gifts for people with an adventurous sweet tooth. Pick a gift box from one of Delhi’s most popular sweet shops, like Haldirams, Bikanerwala or Nathu Sweets, and be on your way to delight the recipients.


So what if you never made it to the tea estates on the Indian countryside? The tea collected and processed from some of the most pristine tea estates of Darjeeling and Assam, will find its way to you in the form of Fab India Organics. This is a gift of more than just masala chai or the refreshing aromas of tulsi, rose and lemon; these tea boxes come with the story behind their planters and the women who work these tea estates.


Spices like amchoor (mango powder), dhania (coriander), haldi (turmeric) or blended masalas are an integral part of the Indian cuisine, and make a great gift for anyone experimental in the kitchen. While Fab India offers organic versions of these spices, a more wholesome shopping experience is in the swarming bazaars of Old Delhi, where colorful and aromatic varieties of spices line the narrow lanes. What better way to carry a taste of India with you?

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