What is the best way to haggle in Delhi?

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Shivya Nath

Haggling is an art that is almost ingrained in the Indian blood, both as sellers and buyers. Here are some insider tips to haggling in Delhi:

1) Observe. To practice the art of haggling, head to one of the many street markets or shopping areas in Delhi; standalone shops and boutique stores seldom indulge in haggling with amateur shoppers. Observe the buyers around you to establish just how much bargaining is possible in the market you are in.

2) Compare your selection across vendors. If you’re buying an item that is sold by various vendors, start by comparing the prices against the quality. Establish which price-quality combination makes the most sense for you, then ask pointed questions about the durability of the product, keeping a friendly demeanor.

3) Establish a price range. Ask the vendor the price, and establish the maximum amount you are willing to pay for your selection. Using phrases like “too expensive” and looking disinterested is a trick that works often to start the haggling game. Start by asking the vendor to sell the product at a price 10-20% lower than the maximum amount you might be willing to pay.

4) Negotiate. Use your negotiation skills to arrive at a mutually agreeable price; this might involve asking for a bulk discount (if you are buying multiple items), or a group discount (if you are with others who might be interested in shopping at the store).

5) Know when to walk away. If the negotiation is not going in your favor or the seller is adamant about a price you are unwilling to pay, quote the final price you would buy the product at, and walk away if you are refused. Many vendors will call you back for an agreement closer to your desired price, and if they don’t, you can assume that the price you were willing to pay was after all, unfair to the seller.

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