What language is spoken in Delhi?

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Shivya Nath

Hindi is the most commonly spoken and understood language in Delhi. However, most shop names and street signs are written in both Hindi (the Devanagari script) and English. English is also widely understood by most locals, especially in upmarket neighborhoods and shopping districts frequented by tourists and expats. Regional languages can be overheard occasionally, among which Punjabi and Urdu are the most common.

Some useful words and phrases to know in Hindi:

Yes: Haan
No: Nahi
How are you: Aap kaise hain
Okay: Theek hai
Good: Accha (male), Acchi (female)
Let's go: Chalo
How much for that?: Kitna hua?
Do you speak English?: Aap English bolte hain?
I don't speak Hindi: Mujhe Hindi nahin aati

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