What’s the weather like in summer in Delhi?

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Shivya Nath

In the peak of summer, from mid May to end June, summer in Delhi is scorching hot and dry. Day time temperatures rise to 45 degrees Celsius, while night time temperature remain high at 30-35 degrees Celsius. It is almost impossible to walk on the streets at any time of the day or night without perspiring, as a continuous hot wind (loo) envelopes Delhi from the dessert on the west (Read: Best Summer Activities in Delhi).  

Occasional showers cool off the weather towards early July, dropping temperatures by atleast 10 degrees Celcius. Early mornings, late evenings and nights become pleasant, at 25-27 degrees Celsius, and by mid to late July, the monsoon rains arrive to cool the city again (Read: Unusual End of Summer Getaways From Delhi).

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