Where is the best shopping in Edinburgh?

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Joseph Reaney

It may not be a renowned mecca for retail, but Edinburgh has more interesting shopping options than you might expect from a city of its size. From high-end fashions to low-end market goods, here are some of the best:
Edinburgh is home to a number of shopping malls and department stores — from the enormous 19th-century Jenners to the shiny modern Ocean Terminal — but the city’s finest fashion outlets are actually the standalone stores. Our favorites include the high-end Totty Rocks, the extremely Scot-focused Concrete Wardrobe and the fabulously antiquated Armstrongs Vintage Emporium. Alternatively, you can pop into Hawick Cashmere — they’re known for having the best cashmere sweaters in the world’s knitwear capital.
Be sure to check out the markets, too. Edinburgh’s best stalls are in the award-winning farmers’ market, held in the heart of the city on the first Friday of every month. There, you’ll find everything from organic beef, lamb and pork to wild boar, ostrich and water buffalo. Other favorites include Ingliston Market (for clothes), Greenside Place (for antiques) and the Christmas Market (for mulled wine and brats).
Finally, you’ll probably want a souvenir to take home. The most obvious choice is a decent bottle of Scotch, but there are plenty of other traditional tourist knickknacks available — from kilts and tartan rugs to haggis and vanilla fudge. If you’re musical, you could even bring home a bagpipe.

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