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  • Barcelona, Spain

Cristina Slattery is a correspondent who lives in Barcelona and covers the Canary Islands and Ibiza for Forbes Travel Guide. The freelance writer’s work has appeared in the European edition of The Wall Street Journal, Japan’s Newsweek and other national and international publications. Until recently she also worked as an acquisitions editor for eBook start-up, e-Diciones KOLAB.

  • On September 5, 2012
    Cristina Slattery answered the question: Cristina Slattery

    What are the best things to do and see in Ibiza?

    Ibiza is the Balearic island known around the world for its nightlife. Hitting the clubs features highly on the to-do list of many visitors vacationing on the island. But since there’s more to a well-rounded vacation than partying, here are Forbes Travel Guide editors’ five best things to do and see in Ibiza:

    1.  Exploring Old Town. This area of town looks as you’d expect with narrow cobbled streets that wind past shops, cafes, art galleries and residences. Enter by Port de Ses Taules guarded by Roman statues or by Portal Nou. As you wind past the Gothic buildings, you’ll notice that you’re walking up an incline; the payoff is a magnificent view overlooking the ocean.

    2. Enjoying the sunset. They’re beautiful here and are tinged with mystery, especially if you’re gazing out at Es Vedra, an island that was supposedly the home of the sirens in The Odyssey. According to legend, no venomous animals can live there and odd circles of light are seen off Es Vedra, which keeps fisherman at bay.

    3. Exploring Cale Benirras. This inlet is beloved because of its majestic beauty. Walk the shoreline, head to the nearby woods for a hike or pop into one of the cafés. Just off the coast, there’s a small island Cap Bernat that sailors used to say resembled a seated Queen Elizabeth.

    4. Relaxing on the beach. As an island in the midst of the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza is blessed with a seemingly endless number of beaches. Forbes Travel Guide editors recommend Las Salinas and Aguas Blancas.

    5. Taking up a new sport. If you’ve been meaning to take up scuba diving, parasailing or horseback riding, you can give them all a try in Ibiza. Take guided lessons or book excursions to explore in an adventurous way.