What are the five best things to do in Fiji?

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Jeff Fleisher

Though one of the best things to do in Fiji is to simply sit back and relax, you’ll also want to experience some iconic Fiji experiences by checking out these Forbes Travel Guide picks for the five can’t-miss Fiji sites:
1. Enjoy the Beaches. Relaxing on scenic beaches, surrounded by palm trees, is the quintessential Pacific experience, and Fiji is known for it. Most top resorts have private beaches, and there are also public spots along the coast for sunbathing or going for a swim. If you love white sand beaches, spend some time on Qalito Island, one of Fiji’s most popular beach destinations.
2. Snorkeling. Fiji gives snorkelers (and certified divers) clear waters (visibility can go more than 100-feet-deep in spots) and multiple marine environments to explore. Sharks, eels, rays and over 400 species of coral make for an interesting snorkeling session. 
3. Visit the Hindu Temple. One of the most colorful temples anywhere in the world, Sri Siva Subramaniya in downtown Nadi is a great place to explore Fiji's Indian culture. The temple is one of Fiji's most unique architectural attractions, and guides are available to show you around. 
4. See the Rainforests. Its volcanic soil and warm temperatures give Fiji vast rainforests filled with colorful flowers and interesting birds. The mountains have hiking trails for every skill level, and most resorts will help you book a reputable guide. The Bouma National Heritage Park has beautiful hikes and waterfalls to explore.
5. Visit a Village. Outside of the major cities, most Fijians still live in small villages with a handful of basic homes. Some of those villages survive by offering tours to visitors, often including a home-cooked Fijian meal and an interesting history of the area. Most resorts will book tours to the nearest villages.

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