What are the five best things to do with kids in Fiji?

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Jeff Fleisher

1. See a Fire Dance. Make sure to see one of these traditional “meke” dances with elaborate uses of burning spears, poi and other implements. Most resorts host fire dancers regularly enough to accommodate any stay, and the traditional dance (that combines chanting, clapping, singing, dancing and drums) is a must-see for adults or kids.
2. Kula Eco Park. This protected reserve on the Coral Coast is an ideal place to see Fiji's wildlife in a gorgeous native habitat. The park is easy to navigate for all ages, head down the wooden walkway and into the forest—the little ones can keep their eyes peeled for everything from parrots to iguanas to falcons.
3. Coral Coast Railway. Anyone who loves trains will get a kick out of this railway, with its restored vintage trains, and it's also a perfect way to see some less-touristy areas of the country. The railway passes through villages, sugarcane farms and rainforests, and includes a stop at caves.
4. Garden of the Sleeping Giant. Near central Nadi, this garden was originally the estate of actor Raymond Burr. He had one of the world's largest orchid collections, and the garden still has more than 200 types of orchids. Burr's Fiji home is open to the public, and the garden is a great way to spend a warm day in the shade.
5. Dolphin Watching. Dolphins are common in Fiji's tropical waters, and you can take your kids on a dolphin-watching tour or you can book your own boat. Depending on the time of year and migration patterns, you might also see pilot whales, false killer whales (the third largest member of the dolphin family) and humpbacks.

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