What should travelers be careful about in Fiji?

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Jeff Fleisher

Prices in Fiji are often unlisted, and travelers should take reasonable precautions to avoid being overcharged. Always negotiate taxi fare before getting in the cab, and ask someone at your hotel or resort about how much a specific trip should cost. In Nadi and Suva, a number of small souvenir shops will sell items available at the larger chains at a significant markup, so be leery of any store that doesn't put prices on its merchandise. A favorite tactic of aggressive vendors is to ask your name and carve it into an item for you, but don't feel obligated to buy from them. Most hotels will have listings of reputable tour and experience companies, and it's best to book with one of those. Also, while physical violence is not common, muggings of international visitors have increased dramatically in recent years. Don't go too far from the cities or your hotels without a driver, guide or tour group.

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