What are the five best Florence food experiences?

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Florence is justifiably famous for its food, so while you probably won’t have enough time — or room in your stomach — to taste everything, here are five food experiences our Forbes Travel Guide editors feel you just can’t miss:

1. Cured meats. Cured meats are extremely popular in Florence and widely available at cafés and restaurants around the city. If you’re visiting between September and May, seek out a plate of the seasonal bardiccio, a mix of beef and pork that’s flavored with fennel.
2. Chianti. The signature wine of Tuscany happens to be produced in the hills of the Chianti region, just 20 miles south of Florence. Made from the local Sangiovese grape, chianti is a smooth red wine that goes down easily; its finer (and pricier) version, Chianti Riserva, is aged for 38 months instead of four to seven.
3. Pappa al Pomodoro. This hearty tomato stew has its origins in cucina povera (peasants’ cuisine), in part because of its use of chopped-up, day-old bread.
4. Ravioli Nudi. Despite its name, which translates to “naked ravioli,” these ravioli aren’t missing their sauce, but the actual pasta. The filling itself — typically spinach and ricotta — is what’s simmered into dumplings and finished with a tomato sauce.
5. Bistecca alla Fiorentina. A thick T-bone steak from local cattle, bistecca alla fiorentina is grilled over fire, seasoned with salt, black pepper, and olive oil and served very rare. It’s one of the juiciest, most delicious cuts of meat you’ll ever taste.

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