What are five things to know about Southernmost Beach Resort?

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If you’re heading to Key West to stay at Southernmost Beach Resort, here are five things you should know:

1. Book a partial ocean view. Save your wallet and book a cost-effective partial ocean view rather than springing for the ocean-view mini suites. With a quaint front porch and the sandy beach right out your door, you won’t need to see the water from your window. 

2. Beach chairs are complimentary. If you’re staying at the Forbes Travel Guide Recommended hotel, enjoy the complimentary beach chairs staff will set up for you.

3. In-room dining is not available. However, Southernmost Beach Café offers to package up their meals to-go for guests, and will meet you by the pool area to drop it off.

4. Casual attire is a must. With staff wearing polo shirts and khaki shorts, you’ll find yourself more comfortable wearing similar threads. All areas welcome a swimsuit-attired, flip-flop-wearing crowd always ready for the beach.

5. Locals are welcome. You’ll find almost as many local beachcombers enjoying the resort and beach area as you’ll find out-of-towners. The Southernmost Beach Café welcomes both the public and guests of the resort with entrances leading in from both the street and the beach area. However, the pool and rooms are private for guests, so if you’re in the mood for a little more peace and quiet, the pool’s the perfect place to relax.

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