What are the best places to buy shoes in Florida Keys?

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Stephanie Goldberg Glazer

The Florida Keys are not known for great shopping, unless, of course, you are shopping for seafood. But that should not deter you from getting home with some new footwear.

Sure, you can stop at the Sandal Factory in Marathon or Birkenstock in Key west, and get some great shoes, but for the most uniquely Keys-y, be sure to bring your tired, sandal-needing feet to Kino’s in Key West. Founded by Cuban immigrants more than forty years ago, Kino’s manufactures inexpensive, yet comfortable sandals right in the heart of Key West. Their distinctive rope toe-strap on the most famous flip flops can be seen on locals and tourists throughout the Keys.

Not only do Kino’s make a great souvenir from your trip, they make a great gift as well.

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