What should I pack for a trip to Florida Keys?

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Stephanie Goldberg Glazer

The Florida Keys and Key West are some of the most laid back places you can visit. Combine that with sun-drenched, warm winters and too-hot-to-handle summers, you will need to dress for the tropics. Shorts, tanks, tee shirts and sundresses are the norm. Anything more than that and you are likely overdressed. You can go to even the fanciest of restaurants in shorts. Really, it is totally acceptable. Oh, don’t forget a bathing suit, or three!
For your feet? Flip flops. If you are lacking footwear, check out Kino’s sandal factory in Key West. You won’t spend a lot to look like a local. (Plus, they make a great souvenir!).
I had a friend come visit from New York City and she insisted on wearing peep-toed pumps. After a couple of bars and an uneven sidewalk, her heel was caught and she fell flat on her behind. It was all flip flops for the rest of her vacation. 

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