What are the best things to do in Frankfurt?

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Joseph Reaney

Though it may be known more as a center of business or world port than as a destination for historic sites, Frankfurt has its own rich history and culture that are worth exploration. Here are Forbes Travel Guide’s editors’ picks for the best things to see and do in Frankfurt.
1. Explore The Römerberg. The historic heart of the city, The Römerberg boasts lovely half-timbered houses, a 15th century town hall and the looming Saint Bartholomew's Cathedral: a significant House of God where all kings of the Holy Roman Empire were elected and all Roman-German emperors were crowned.

2. Visit the Old Opera. Originally opened in 1880, the spectacular Renaissiance-style Alte Oper hasn’t been regularly used for opera performances since the Second World War, but remains one of the city’s most arresting sights. If you’re lucky, you might just catch a one-off performance.

3. Head up the Main Tower. As the only Frankfurt high-rise open to the public, the Main Tower’s viewing platform offers the best views of the city. Head up on a Friday to see the city unwind from work week to weekend.

4. Expand your mind in a museum. Frankfurt's collection of museums and galleries is second only to Berlin's, so take some time to wander through some of the city exhibits. We recommend the Deutsches Filmmuseum (German Film Museum) and the Goethe Haus und Museum (the birthplace of the country's best known writer). If you plan to see multiple museums, save money with a two-day Museumsufer Ticket.

5. Sip cider in Sachsenhausen. Apfelwein (or Ebbelwoi, in the local tongue) is Frankfurt’s favorite drink, and you can sample the lightly-alcoholic apple cider in the many historic taverns in the pretty district of Sachsenhausen.

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