What is the best thing to bring home from Frankfurt?

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Joseph Reaney

Frankfurt is a place where you’ll easily find artisans creating art, toys and glass in the traditional, handcrafted way. Make room in your luggage for a few of these finds. Here is our list of the best things to bring home from Frankfurt.
1. Viertel wine glass. Frankfurt’s favorite drink is Ebbelwoi (apple wine), and it’s usually served in a pottery jar, then drunk from sturdy glasses with a characteristic checkered pattern and wooden cover. Called a viertel (quarter liter), it’s perfect for use at home with water, juice, lemonade or anything else.
2. Food and Drink. Any visitor to Frankfurt soon realizes that the city has a unique culinary landscape — so why not take some of it home with you? Head to stores like Kaufhaus Hessen on Berger Strasse to pick up some traditional sausages, jellies, honeys, chocolates and, of course, the famous ebbelwoi.
3. Wooden handicrafts. Walk around Frankfurt and you’ll see hundreds of shops selling handmade wooden handicrafts — from decorative nutcrackers to folksy figurines to elaborate cuckoo clocks — but for the very best examples of these things you should head to Handwerkskunst am Römer on Braubachstrasse.
4. Ceramic pottery. Take a trip to Töpferei Maurer on Wallstrasse for home-made ceramic pottery that will always remind you of Frankfurt. Those beautiful blue Ebbelwoi serving jars you see around the city? They’re called ‘bembels’, and they mostly come from here.
5. Goethe souvenirs. From original works and translated texts to memorial stamps and miniature statues, why not take a piece of Frankfurt’s most famous son home with you?

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