What are the five best Glasgow food experiences?

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Joseph Reaney

Traditional Glaswegian food is best described as hearty, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t also delicious. While in Glasgow, here are five culinary highlights that you’ll want to dive into:
1. Fish and chips. Although popular throughout Scotland, Glasgow residents have a particular fervor for battered cod served with chunky fries, mushy peas, and bread and butter. It’s almost universally agreed that the best place to sample them is The Chippy Doon The Lane in the city center.
2. Haggis with neeps and tatties. The most traditional Scottish meal you can get, this dish of neeps (either swede or turnip, or a mix of both), tatties (mashed potatoes) and haggis (you don’t want to know) is also delicious.
3. Full fried breakfast. The Glaswegian take on the fried breakfast is particularly meat-heavy. Expect sausages, bacon, black pudding and haggis to accompany your fried eggs, baked beans, tattie scones and toast.
4. Porridge with salt. There’s nothing more Scottish than porridge, unless it’s porridge with salt. But if you do feel the need for a little sugar — and want to add an extra touch of Scotland in the process — wash your porridge down with an Irn-Bru soft drink.
5. Seafood. Scotland has some of the tastiest seafood in the world, so don’t leave Glasgow without sampling a spot of smoked salmon, kippers, herring or kedgeree. Or get extra local and try an Arbroath smokie, a special kind of haddock from a nearby fishing village.

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