What should I pack for a trip to Hawaii?

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You should definitely pack layers for a trip to Hawaii. While the weather is warm year round, you can go from a lush rain forest to a snow-capped mountain in a day. The Big Island, for example, has many microclimates. You’ll want to pack a jacket for hiking and visiting the volcanoes on any island, as well as sturdy shoes — flip flops simply won’t do on the slippery rock.

Otherwise, pack up all your beach resort stuff. There are really only two seasons in Hawaii — winter and summer, but the weather doesn’t change much. Summer is from May to October, with an average daily temperature of 85 F, and winter is from November to April, with an average daytime temperature of 78 F. Temperatures drop about 10 degrees at night. Note that these temperatures are at sea level — it can get really cold at higher elevations.

Don’t forget your camera and a few good books, and you’re off.

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