What is public transportation like in Helsinki?

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Terhi Ruuskanen

Public transport is great in Helsinki! Trams, buses, trains and metros take you anywhere you like. 

First you should check the Journey Planner online, called Reittiopas. It is also in English. You put the beginning and ending points, the time and the day you want to travel, and the planner will calculate the time and the route for you.   

Trams are good and cover the inner city. The prices start from 2 euros (one way ticket). Here you can find the route map.

Metros take you further away, to the Eastern parts of Helsinki. Metro trains are very orange so they are sort of a sight themselves! The metro map is very confusing, so don't get lost! No, just kidding! I reckon it is the most simple metro map you will ever see.

The trains have few stops in Helsinki and the continue to Espoo and Vantaa. Taking a train is a pleasant way to travel in Finland and you can take an overnight train to Lapland even.

Where the trams, trains and metros don't go, the buses will. There is an extra fee in night time. The main bus stations are in Kamppi shopping centre and both sides of the train station. For the routes and timetables: see the Journey Planner, mentioned earlier!

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