What is the best way to experience Old Market Hall in Helsinki?

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Violetta Teetor

Food is the focus at the Old Market Hall but since it’s currently being renovated, the vendors have left their stalls and moved to Hietalahti Market Hall to continue their business there. Take tram 6 and get off at the red brick building on the square, and prepare yourself for a culinary whirlwind of temptation and tasting.

Helsinki is a seaside city, and hence, there will be fish — but not just any ordinary fish. The smoked rolls of salmon on a skewer are juicy and delicious, the rye bread open sandwiches featuring vendace roe or slightly salted raw white fish with trimmings makes a great combination, but then there’s also an oyster bar where the shucking is done in front of you and a glass of champagne tempts you.

In the land of reindeer, there must be all kinds of ways and means of dealing with this high-protein, low fat meat and vendors do their best to show it off in its finest form. Smoked reindeer sausage, thinly sliced and consumed with a beer, is a sure match. Even tinned reindeer can be bought to take home as a souvenir.

The butcher Roslund is famous for the local meat he so expertly cuts. These days, he’s taken it one step further by barbecuing burgers for his customers that are delectable. Something lighter perhaps? Soup Kitchen has the best Finnish-style bouillabaisse in town, usually made with salmon and with the traditional mayonnaise trimming. Their bread is crunchy and served with a green dip of olive oil and herbs.

This is a place for foodies and fussy eaters alike. Take some Finnish delicacies home for your family and friends and amaze them with the originality of it all.

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