What new museum exhibits are in Helsinki?

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Violetta Teetor

The archipelago of Helsinki is world-renowned for its beauty but few people know that many of the islands were occupied and controlled by the Finnish Defence Forces prohibiting the public from visiting them. In Treasures Islands at the Virka Gallery in the City Hall, gives you a glimpse of these mysterious islands and tells you a story which might amaze you. See the erosion of wind and storms that have smoothed the rocks and left very little growth in their paths. Discover the rare animal and plant species that exist on these landmasses. Final day is 1 September.

Parallel Histories celebrates the 140-year existence of the Design Museum and transports you through the familiar story of design and the not-so-familiar aspects that have not always been told. Items have been arranged into themes covering thought-provoking issues such as otherness, sexuality, activism, anarchism and the curse of ornament.  Last date – 22 September.

The lens that captured a million images that won a myriad prizes and have been published in such prestigious magazines as National Geographic, is the camera of Steve McCurry. Imagine the fear in the eyes of the Afghan Girl, the precarious lives of the Indian fishermen, some photographs amongst more than 100. On at the Kunsthalle until 4 August.

Catch it while you can – the Presidential Palace is being renovated and the art work is now on display for all to see at the Ateneum Art Museum. The Treasures of the Palace contain some real gems like Albert Edelfelt’s Nyländska Jaktklubben Harbour from 1899 and Berndt Lindholm’s Corn Harvest. On until 1 September.

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