What is the history of Hershey?

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The history of Hershey, Penn., is quite interesting. In 1883, Pennsylvania-bred Milton S. Hershey, who only completed the fourth grade, opened what would become a lucrative business: Lancaster Caramel Company. Following his success with caramels, he began to focus his energy on milk chocolate. What’s known around the world today as Hershey’s chocolate was conceived around 1905 and produced in a massive factory — the biggest of its kind at the time. But it wasn’t enough that Hershey had taken the confectionary industry by storm. In an effort to please his employees, the philanthropic Hershey built a beautiful town around his booming factory during the Great Depression, complete with a school, homes, parks and a public transportation system. Today, visitors from all over flock to Hershey for its resorts, attractions and to indulge in the sweetness that is the classic brand. 

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