Should visitors rent a car in Houston?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Beth DeLozier-Hayes

If there is one city in the entire world that requires renting a car, Houston just be that metropolis.  The city is massive covering over 45 square miles with multiple pockets of activity both for business and recreation. While there is a decent metro bus system, our burgeoning light rail system is still in its infancy, and really only services areas in extreme downtown to Reliant Park. The good news is that Houston is very driver friendly, and ample parking is usually available almost anywhere you want to go.

Mai Pham

Unless your plans call for an exclusive stay in Houston's Downtown area, it’s absolutely imperative that your rent a car for your visit to Houston. Getting to and from the city’s main airports from any point in town requires a lengthy drive. Houston Intercontinental Airport sits to the North of Houston proper in the area called Humble; Houston Hobby airport is to the South of Houston near Pearland.  Outside of downtown, and small strips of walking areas in the Heights and Midtown, the rest of Houston can only be reached by car. Renting a car will ensure that you can get to where you want, when you want, without relying on an expensive cab ride.

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