What is the design style of Glenmere Mansion?

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Caroline Patek

In order to fully understand Glenmere Mansion’s design style, the property’s history serves as an important facet in providing deeper context. Glenmere was originally built back in 1911 by architecture firm Carrère and Hastings (who had recently designed the New York Public Library), to serve as the home of wealthy industrialist, Robert Goelet. Inspired by his wife’s desire to live in Italy, the 35-room home was modeled after a Tuscan villa and featured classic Gilded Age décor. Once the current owners came in and completely remodeled the property to turn it into a boutique hotel in 2007, the aim was to preserve the historic elements while incorporating contemporary elements and amenities. The result is arguably seamless, with an impressive collection of artwork purchased by the owners, plush furnishings, a cozy library, and immaculately maintained grounds. In fact, the gardens also hold special historical significance. Beatrix Jones Farrand, known as the first famous female landscape architect in America, was brought in to design the original gardens at the property, and much of her work is still in tact today.

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