What are the five best things to do with kids in Indianapolis?

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Larry Olmsted

With its exuberant Midwestern hospitality, casual dining scene and world-class children’s museum, Indianapolis is a fantastic family destination. Here’s Forbes Travel Guide’s editors’ list of the five best things to do with kids in Indianapolis:
1.Visit the largest children’s museum in the world. With a four-story Brachiosaurus  bursting through its exterior, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is consistently ranked one of the best museums of its kind in the United States. Check out the dinosaur habitat with real fossils, the carousel and the steam locomotive.
2. Tour Trader’s Point Creamery. This 200-acre organic dairy — 16 miles from Indianapolis — is home to a herd of Brown Swiss cows and hosts tastings and hands-on demonstrations. Sample fresh, organic chocolate milk, ice cream and cheese.
3. Swim with dolphins. Every city has a zoo, but the Indianapolis Zoo is among the few with an in-water dolphin program. Don a wet suit and join the trainers in a specially designed pool where you and your kids can spend a half hour hanging out with the dolphins face-to-face.
4. Try Duckpin. Duckpin bowling, also known as candlepin, features grapefruit-sized balls, three throws not two, and narrow wooden pins. It is now virtually extinct — except in Indianapolis, at the historic Fountain Square Theatre Building, where you can play
with 1950s equipment.
5. Explore the Conner Prairie Interactive History Park. This Smithsonian Institute affiliate is the Midwest’s version of Colonial Williamsburg. The 1,200-acre prairie town is populated by costumed actors who teach kids about about life in the Civil War era.

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