Where can you get the best view in Istanbul?

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Mickey Ashmore

Comprised of seven hills and two bodies of water, Istanbul is a city where you’ll have no trouble finding spots with remarkable panoramic views. Here are our Forbes Travel Guide editors’ four favorite ones:
1. Mangerie in Bebek. This gourmet café offers upscale fare on a terrace overlooking the Bosphorus. Enjoy the views while you dine on either classic Turkish breakfast dishes or international classics like eggs Benedict.
2. Mikla. Mikla is arguably one of the best restaurants in Istanbul — and some would say it has one of the best views, too. From this elegant space you can see nearly every piece of the city, including the large number of ships waiting in the Marmara Sea.
3. Galata Tower. Few would argue that there are significantly better views than those you’ll enjoy from the wraparound balcony of Galata Tower. Yes, it’s touristy, but even locals admit to being mesmerized by the tower’s dominating presence in the middle of such an urban environment.
4. Boat tour. A private or group tour on the Bosphorus, heading towards the Black Sea, will yield fantastic views of Istanbul. From the historic Bosphorus palaces to the modern skyscrapers in Istanbul’s central business district, you’ll be amazed by all the history you can see in just one ride.

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