Where are the best places to eat in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo?

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Gussied-up greasy spoons, unassuming houses of regional delicacies, internationally renowned cuisine: When it comes to places to eat, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo serves it all. Its tropical placement along the southwestern coast allows for a wide variety of readily available produce, plus the restaurant scene not surprisingly reflects its proximity to the ocean. Start your culinary travels with Forbes Travel Guide’s editors’ five best places to eat in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo:
1. La Sirena Gorda. The name of this Zihuatanejo restaurant literally translates as “The Fat Mermaid,” and her hefty breakfasts of omelets, chilaquiles and pancakes leave you feeling just like that — and happily so. The place is popular among tourists and locals alike, so word to the wise: The early bird misses the inevitable waiting list.
2. Mediterraneo. This no-fuss place near Our Lady of Guadalupe church on Cinco de Mayo in Zihuatanejo wins the crowd-pleaser award, with a Mediterranean catch-all menu that spans seafood, pasta, chicken and beef. Not to be missed are the tuna sashimi and filet mignon, best served alfresco on the patio.
3. Do Any. Visit this festive eatery on Calle Ejido in Zihuatanejo for authentic takes on Mexican staples like tamales and pozole. It serves more than 15 varieties of the former, including pork, squash blossoms, corn and pineapple; the latter is a pork and hominy stew, the would-be chicken soup of Mexico’s gastronomic soul.
4. Garrobos. Save room for huachinango a la Zihuatlan, a fish dish that’s marinated in almond sauce, at Garrobo’s downtown on Juan N. Alvarez. The place has been around for more than 30 years, which in a tourist hive such as this means they must be doing something right.
5. Kau-Kan. The array of mahi mahi carpaccio, eggplant salads, stingray steaks and tuna rolls stuffed with sea bass tartar at Kau-Kan (on Camino Escénica headed to Playa La Ropa above Playa La Madera) has been called the best food in town, and it all tastes even more amazing when accompanied by the view at sunset.

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