What words best describe the style of Ponte Vedra Inn & Club?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Many accolades come to mind during a visit to Ponte Vedra Inn & Club. Here are the words we’d use to describe the style of the Florida resort:

1. Traditional. Different room types have different styles but for the most part, you can expect to find a traditional décor. The room we stayed in on a recent visit had floral print upholstery and drapes and a maroon, gold and green color palette.

2. Relaxed. The design style of Ponte Vedra Inn & Club is unfussy. Buildings are set up in a sort of motel style. You’ll follow a valet to your room in your car and park right outside. Inside, chairs are plush and comfortable and rooms are spacious, many with balconies or patios facing the ocean.

3. Historic. We were fascinated to read the history of the resort through framed photos, menus and articles in the lobby. There’s a fascinating story of a submarine attack here during World War II — be sure to read about it. The collection creates a unique sense of place.

4. Clubby. The resort has a country club feel, particularly because many local residents are members of the club. But the design style also has a country club vibe with its wood-beamed lobby featuring oversized cream colored sofas and ship models, cherry bar and sweeping dining venues.

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