What is the best thing to bring home from Jasper?

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Robin Schroffel

The best thing to bring home from Jasper is a photograph of you with Jasper the Bear. The lanky black-and-white bear started out as a cartoon in Maclean’s, Canada’s weekly national news magazine, but became a Jasper icon in 1962 when he was adopted as the park mascot. The original statue of Jasper the Bear was the town’s most noted landmark for 40 years, until in 2004, it was vandalized and removed. You can find a replica of the famous original statue in the Jasper-Yellowhead Museum and Archives, while a new statue of Jasper — made in a slightly different design — now stands in a small park on Patricia Street. Approximately 8 feet tall, he patiently waits to greet visitors, so don’t leave him disappointed.

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