What is the best thing to bring home from Jerusalem?

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Dan Heching

There is a wealth of beautiful things to bring home from Jerusalem, from pottery to jewelry to any number of religious-themed gifts: Crosses, menorahs, rosary beads, artwork and more. A particular favorite is the hand-painted ceramic work at the Sandrouni Armenian Ceramic Center in the Christian quarter of the Old City, just inside the New Gate. The bowls, ceramic pomegranates, plates and more are all meticulously patterned and a beauty to behold.
A favorite ornament, held sacred as a good luck charm in the Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions, is a hamsa (the Arabic word for five). It depicts the palm and five fingers of a hand, but also resembles the profile of a dove. The symbol meant to evoke peace, completeness, and protection is available on sale everywhere, in a variety of materials from silver to wood to tile.

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