Where is the best shopping in Johannesburg?

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Janelle Schroeder

With more than 20 shopping complexes in and around the city, shopping is a huge part of life in Johannesburg, and people travel far and wide to spend their money here. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for some local treasures buried among the retail giants, try our Forbes Travel Guide editors’ picks for the best shopping in Joberg.
1. Auckland Park. Visit the 44 Stanley Avenue shopping center, which offers clothes, toys and art from around the continent — or better yet, visit one of the top 50 unique bookstores in the world. Die Boekehuis, the Afrikaan word for bookstore, houses an immense collection of books as well as a fireplace, coffee shop and garden.
2. Fleamarkets. Whether it’s the African Craft Market or the Rooftop Market, Rosebank is full of unique shopping markets. For African delights, try porcupine quill lamps and tribal chess sets. The rooftop market, open only on Sundays, has more than 600 stalls and its own international food court.
3. Oriental Plaza. Near the city center sits this plaza that’s ripe for bargaining, something not normally acceptable in the big shopping complexes of Joburg. Each shop is individually owned, not rented, so prices are much lower and bartering is a welcomed activity. Shop here for cheap prices and a lively atmosphere.

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