What are the best Knoxville food experiences?

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Katy Koontz

Like other southern cities, Knoxville has roots in home cooking and barbecue. Whether you’re just passing through or Knoxville is your final destination, be sure to chow down on these five fantastic food experiences:
1. Ribs. Knoxville is filled with rib joints, so go hog wild checking them all out. Calhoun’s is the biggest name in town when it comes to ribs, but you’ll also find local folks who are partial to Famous Dave’s, Buddy’s Bar-B-Q, Corky’s and Sonny’s.
2. Greek Fest. Every year in late September, St. George’s lets you get your Greek on at a fabulous outdoor festival featuring Greek music and folk dancing. The festival’s authentic Greek cuisine is a real treat, as are the delectable handmade bakery goodies that usually sell out early.
3. Long’s Drug Store. Long's has been in business here since 1956, so it’s a veritable Knoxville institution for breakfast and lunch. The old-fashioned luncheonette atmosphere even includes a classic soda fountain straight from the ‘50s.
4. WDVX Blue Plate Special. What makes lunch here an especially delicious experience is the free concert that comes with it. Music by both local and nationally prominent bluegrass artists is dished out along with lunch every day except Sunday.
5. Mayfield Dairy. Mayfield Dairy ice cream, cottage cheese, milk and their other products are legendary in these parts, and the dairy is a 58-mile drive south to Athens, Tenn. The dairy offers tours (most days) allowing you to watch ice cream and milk being produced. Be sure to visit the ice cream counter.

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