What are some things to know before visiting Kuala Lumpur?

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Emma Johnston

It gets very humid
Over here by the equator, the temperature rarely drops below 30 Celsius and even when it’s not hot, it’s always humid. As common sense would dictate, the hottest hours are between 11am and 3pm, so try not to conduct any strenuous activity outdoors at those times. If you are intent on embracing the weather, make sure you sunscreen up and keep lots of fluids to hand – in this country, you dehydrate fast.

Malaysia is more conservative than you think
On a similar note, if you’re thinking of enjoying the sun with beach-worthy outfits, exercise a little caution. Malaysia is in general still quite a conservative place, though exceptions are made for tourists. Shorts are fine, but bikini tops in the city may be taking things a bit too far. Modesty is a key Islamic value, and Islam is the official religion of state.

Remember to bargain when you can
Like many tourist-heavy cities, KL has its fair share of traders out to get the most from travellers. This includes market stall holders, taxi drivers and sometimes even restaurant staff. Feel free to bargain, especially if you’re in a market, and try never to accept a set fee from a taxi – insist on using the meter.

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