Where can you get the best view of Kuala Lumpur?

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Emma Johnston

Many tourist destinations claim to give visitors the perfect view of Kuala Lumpur, but to truly see the best of the city, you have to venture further than the hotspots. While attractions like the KL Tower and the Petronas Twin Towers certainly offer awe-inspiring views from the centre of the city out, there are better places to take in the diversity of KL.

To get a real appreciation for the jungle landscape that flanks the northern and eastern sides of the city, head to the hiking and biking trails of Bukit Kiara. They’re a bit out of the way and require a certain sense of adventure (and fitness) but make it to the summit’s lookout point and you’re greeted by a 180-degree view that encompasses Batu Caves to the north, the world’s longest quartz ridge at Klang Gates to the east and the sail-like Telekom Tower to the south. The only downside? Bukit Kiara is under constant threat from construction, so this secret vantage point’s days are numbered.

For a slightly more established look across the city, head to Ampang’s Lookout Point  – almost due east of the Bukit Kiara spot. Here, a well-used road snakes over the city’s surrounding hills and down to a town called Hulu Langat. Make an early morning stop at the peak and watch the city wake up before heading down the other side to some excellent waterfall picnic sites.

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