Where is the best shopping in Kyoto?

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Kyoto is a blend of old and new — and that’s true of shopping, too. In this historic city, you can find high-end department stores, traditional kimono boutiques and little shops selling antiques. Forbes Travel Guide editors say downtown Kyoto is easily the best place for avid shoppers. Daimaru is a Japanese-style department store featuring high-end goods and a basement floor stocked with prepared, fresh and specialty foods. Opa shopping center is geared toward the trendier youth with a wide variety of boutique and shops fitting of any fashionista. Green tea, or matcha, connoisseurs shouldn’t miss Ippodo Tea Co., easily one of the best tea shops in Kyoto. For nearly 300 years, Ippodo has sold  high-quality Japanese green tea; enjoy a pot next door at the Kaboku Tearoom. Another hot spot for shopping in Kyoto is Mina, which boasts restaurants, retailers and branches of two of Japan’s most popular chains: UNIQLO and Loft. If you’re lucky enough to be in Kyoto on the 21st of the month, head to To-ji, an ancient Buddhist temple in Minami-ku famous for its 180-foot wooden pagoda. On this day each month, it hosts a lively flea market with vendors selling various foods and wares including dried fruits, knives, pottery, wooden ear picks, freshly made okonomiyaki (savory Japanese pancakes) and second-hand goods. It’s one of the largest open markets in Japan, luring tens of thousands — and more if the 21st falls on a weekend — every month.

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