What are the five best Lanai food experiences?

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Lanai may be a small island, but it with its abundance of fresh seafood and local ingredients, it offers some great food experiences. Read on for Forbes Travel Guide’s editors’ picks for five of the best food experiences on Lanai.
1. Fresh seafood. Many of the restaurants on the island — from the Lanai City Grille to Views — serve fresh-caught seafood prepared in a variety of ways, from grilled to sashimi style. Order the fresh catch whenever you see it on the menu.
2. Poke. One of the most popular pupu — or appetizers— in Hawaii is poke, typically made with raw ahi or other seafood and seasoned with Hawaiian salt and seaweed. (There are many variations on ingredients and seasoning.) One place to try it on Lanai is the Lanai Ohana Poke Market, which serves some of the island’s best.
3. Saimin. This noodle dish is a staple in Hawaii’s local food scene, and an off-shoot of the richer Japanese-style ramen. A holdover from Hawaii’s plantation era, this dish features curly egg noodles served in a salty broth garnished with green onions. Blue Ginger Café in Lanai City serves up a great bowl of saimin worth checking out.
4. Loco moco. Created in Hilo and now a mainstay in local restaurants across the state, loco moco is a simple dish consisting of a hamburger patty atop white rice and covered with two eggs and brown gravy. Canoes Lanai Restaurant features its version of the popular local dish on its menu.
5. Bistro fare- If you’re craving something light as a delicious midday detour, Pele's Other Garden's selection of salads, pizzas and sandwiches is perfect. Enjoy many of the same dishes (as well as a buzzy bar) at dinnertime.

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