What has CityCenter done to be LEED certified?

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CityCenter’s focus on the environment earned the massive development LEED Gold certification. You might not notice the property’s efforts toward sustainability, but here are a few:
• CityCenter generates its own electricity using natural gas.
• Technology in the hotel guest rooms allows the rooms to shut down heating and cooling and close the shades when no one’s inside.
• Energy efficient appliances and low-watt and compact bulbs are used throughout the property.
• ARIA’s fleet of limousines are powered by compressed natural gas.
CityCenter has obviously thought about their environmental impact. And in an city of excess like Las Vegas, it’s a welcome change. 

Paul Berry

To reduce the amount of fossil-fuel based power, many measures were taken during the design of CityCenter to achieve a more than 30 percent improvement in energy efficiency compared to traditionally designed buildings.

From plumbing design to investment in low-flow technologies to conscientious operating procedures, the CityCenter team incorporated water conservation practices throughout the campus.

All CityCenter attractions are within walking distance. Many services and amenities are located either on the CityCenter campus or within a half-mile radius, reducing guests’ and residents’ dependence on automobiles.

Committed to reducing its environmental footprint, CityCenter developed a strict construction waste management plan to redirect recyclable and reusable resources back to the manufacturing process. This program extends through to daily operations.

When selecting materials for CityCenter, designers used products manufactured with recycled content. They also sought local and regional products to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases caused when materials are transported.

Guest and employee comfort is paramount to the CityCenter experience. An indoor air quality plan was implemented and nontoxic products were selected to ensure a healthier environment.

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