Does FiAmma have a kids' menu?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Although FiAmma doesn’t offer a dedicated kids’ menu, there are still plenty of options on the regular menu that even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy. It is Italian food, after all, and most kids’ menus are filled with pasta dishes. So there are various dishes we suggest you order to keep your kids happy and their stomachs full. From the starters part of the menu, they can order the Italian artisanal cheese selection, which is filled with delicious taleggio, pecorino pepato and gorgonzola cheeses, dry fig salame and organic marmalades; or traditional antipasto, which has smoked prosciutto, Tuscan salami, Parmesan cheese and market pickled vegetables (because come on, what kid doesn’t like salami?). Some pasta dishes are perfect for fussy kids, like the spaghetti “chitarra,” which consists of pasta, tomatoes and fresh basil. There’s also meat lasagna and a crispy Yukon golden potatoes side that any kid is sure to love. The fact that FiAmma doesn’t offer a children’s menu, won’t be a problem.

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